“Seeding the Field” allows experienced and faster runners an unimpeded start and helps prevent injuries.  The field will be seeded to 42 minutes. 

Seeding is based on one of two things:

  • NET time in the previous year's Manchester Road Race OR
  • Official time from a qualified race run since January of this year.
General Info

Sample of Qualifying Races


The following is a sample of some local races that are available to improve one's seeding for the Manchester Road Race

Qualifying Times


This table shows the time you must break for a given race distance to qualify for a Seed Card.


Automatic Seeding for Last Year's Finishers

NOTE:  If you DID finish last year's race in less than 42:00 but were placed in the OPEN Seeding Group, you may submit a "Request to be Seeded" (see below for directions)

Mandatory:  Bring your Seed Card to the Race



Request to be Seeded or Upgrading Current Seeding Group

(available Sept 1 through noon EST on Nov 18)


We will accept Virtual Results from any qualified race run during 2021














Welcome to the 85th Running of the Manchester Road Race

4.748 Miles November 25, 2021