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11/20/18 Manchester Road Race braces for arctic weather

11/20/18 Mitsubishi Outlander from MAC Mitsubishi to serve as MRR official pace car

11/19/18 Manchester Road Race to honor Prat and Whitney for 35 years of sponsorship

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2018 Results
Grant Info
NET time in the previous year's Manchester Road Race OR
Official time from a qualified race run since January of this year.
“Seeding the Field” allows experienced and faster runners an unimpeded start and helps prevent injuries.  The field will be seeded to 42 minutes. 

Seeding is based on one of two things:
General Info
Automatic Seeding for Last Year's Finishers
Online Registration process will compare LASTNAME, AGE, ZIPCODE and GENDER to last year's results and automatically assign the appropriate Seeding Group (U30, U35, U38, U42 or OPEN)
If a match is NOT found, the OPEN group will be assigned
The assigned Seeding Group will be displayed on the registration confirmation
A change in LASTNAME or ZIPCODE can cause a non-match


:  If you DID finish last year's race in less than 42:00 but were placed in the OPEN Seeding Group, you may submit a "Request to be Seeded" (see below for directions)
Mandatory:  Bring your Seed Card to the Race
For admittance to the appropriate Seed Pen, you MUST have your Seed Card
If you requested a Seed Card at Walk-In Registration, be sure to bring the specially colored Address Label to the race
If you registered ahead, your specially colored Address Label on the front of your race packet IS your Seed Card
Please trim your Seed Card by cutting off the ends of the envelope.  Leave approximately a 4-5" section to bring to the race (see dotted lines below)
Request to be Seeded or Upgrading Current Seeding Group
(available Sept 1 through noon EST on Nov 15)
Be prepared to supply the following information when you are requesting to be seeded:
Name of Race that qualifies you for a Seed Card
Date of Race
NET finish time
Copy of the Line from the Results that show this finish time
Precise URL (website address) that brings up the results page
The Bib Number assigned during Online Registration for this year's Manchester Road Race
Submit this information on our Seeding Request form.  You will receive an email with a week approving or rejecting your request.
Request for Seeding
Registration packets (Bib numbers and Timing Tag) and Seed Cards will be mailed to registered runners during the second and third weeks of November. Please allow one week for delivery
Any Seeding Requests made after midnight on Sunday, Nov 11, must be picked up at Bennet Academy either at the Sports Expo (9:00-12:00) or the morning of the race (8:00-9:15).
Do not email or snail mail a request for seeding. It will NOT be processed
All Seeding Requests must be received by NOON EST Thursday, Nov 15
After this deadline you MUST apply in person (a family member can represent you) at Walk-in Registration (at the Sports Expo).  Please bring supporting documentation with you
If you do not qualify for a Seed Card, keep in mind that you can get a reasonably good starting position by lining up at 9:15 am directly behind the U42 seeding section
Any disputes over seeding will only be dealt with at Walk-in Registration (at the Sports Expo).  Be sure you don't leave this until the last minute or you will be left out of our seeding area!
Race Packets returned to our PO Box may be picked up with proper ID at the Sports Expo or the morning of the race (8:00am - 9:15am)
No Seed Cards will be reissued.  No cards will be issued on Race Day
There is NO admittance to a Seed Pen without the appropriate seed designation

Qualifying Times

This table shows the time you must break for a given race distance to qualify for a Seed Card.

Sample of Qualifying Races

The following is a sample of some local races that are available to improve one's seeding for the Manchester Road Race


4.748 Miles
November 22, 2018 ~ 10:00 a.m
The 82nd Manchester Road Race