Virtual Participation


When you register as a Virtual Participant, you will receive instructions to download the app which will include the Manchester Road Race course video. You can begin using the app immediately in order to train for the race. You can continue to use the app for training indefinitely.

How it works

The app will request that you enter a running pace, for example 8 minute miles. Set your treadmill to the same pace and begin training. On Thanksgiving Day, follow the same process at 10:00 am EST. This time you will be “live” and your results will be recorded and uploaded via the app.

How to register

Our Online Registration system provides a Virtual Participant category. Virtual Participation will cost $20. This fee will give you access to the app and video for training and ability to run the race on Thanksgiving Day at 10:00 am. Outside Interactive will send an email with download instructions for the app and accompanying video.


The Manchester Road Race Committee has decided that virtual participation will NOT count toward the accumulation of longevity years of participation in the road race. The feeling of the committee is that years of running the road race mean years of running the race on the road on Thanksgiving day.

Trailers and articles

Check out this trailer of the Manchester Road Race course video that represents what you will be watching on your treadmill when you download the app and video. Keep in mind, when you download the app and video you will be setting your treadmill and the app to the pace you want to run. The video will then pace itself to your desired pace.

(Click here to see Trailer)

Check out this article in the Washington Post that gives a nice overview of Outside Interactive progress.

(Click here to see Article)

Those of you who are unable to travel to Manchester on Thanksgiving Day will have the opportunity to participate anywhere in the world on a treadmill.

Outside Interactive, a Boston based company, has filmed our race course.  Click here to see the trailer.  In real time on Thanksgiving Day at 10:00 am EST, you can log into their app and race to the course video using an iPad or Android tablet.

When you have finished running the race, the app will upload your finish time. Results for all Virtual participants will be recorded and included as a separate category in the official road race results.

For the first time this year, the Manchester Road Race is offering a Virtual Race experience.