The MRR Committee

The annual running of the Manchester Road Race is organized and produced by The Manchester Road Race Committee, P.O. Box 211, Manchester, CT 06045. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Manchester Road Race Committee

Executive Officers

Tris Carta, President

Jack Leonard, Secretary

Matt Peak, Treasurer

Irene Smith

Paul Gibson

Development Committee

Jim Balcome

Tris Carta

Drew Crandall

Peter Grose

Jack Leonard

Gary Minor

Jerry O’Connor

Dee Sulick

Kevin Bauer

Race Director

Jim Balcome


Wes Sargent

Thayer Redmond

Finish Line Coordinator

Irene Smith

Assistant Finish Line Coordinator

Liz Wilson-Thornton

Finish Line Manager

Tom Galvin


Craig Lappen

Elite Coordinator

Tris Carta


Paul Gibson

Dick Phelps

Marshall of Course

Marc Montminy, Chief of Police


Ken Larson


Kris Pelletier

Medical Director

James Castellone, M.D.

Medical Officers

Kathy Tracy, M.D.

Mike Makulis

Michael Kowalczyk


Bob Moran

Protocol Officer

Joe Camposeo


Jack Leonard


Peter Boucher


Steve Penny

Press Officer

Tom Kelly

Molly Devanney


Christina Baldwin

Blood Bank

Jeffrey Ettinger, M.D.

Security Officer

Pete Keenan

Historical Archivist

Rick Dyer

Sports Expo

Sarah Jones

Water Distribution

Vincent Diana, Jr.


John Long

Legal Advisor

Stephen Penny

Bus Shuttle

Richard Claing

General Committee

Rick Watson

Robert Dunphy

Leon Rivers

Dave Holmes

Robert DePietro

Stan Wojcoski

Martine Bernais

Ed Hayes

Jeff Gentilcore

Kevin Brophy

Clarence Silvia

Pat Boume

Tom Macary

Chuck Bernstein

Bob St. Pierre

BEARS of Manchester