4.748 Miles
November 23, 2017 ~ 10:00 a.m
The 81st Manchester Road Race
9/11/17 Treacy Brothers to serve as Honorary Chairmen of MRR

8/12/17 Registration Opens for the 81st running of the Manchester Road Race

6/30/2017 Memorabilia from Two Local Olympians Donated to MRR Collection

4/26/2017 Manchester Road Race to Honor Olympic Hero Joe McCluskey

(for kids 12 and under)
**Registration Opens October 1st**

Date: Saturday, November 18
at 10:00 a.m.

Location: Bennet Soccer Field

Please bring 2 non-perishable food items as a donation towards admission

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Little Manchester Road Race

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Race started at 10:00 a.m.

Weather: 47 degrees Fahrenheit, Cloudy

Registered runners: 12,913

Runners who officially finished: 11,233

Registered walkers: 1200

Additional participants: approximately 3000 unregistered runners

Spectators: 35,000-40,000

Last person crossed the starting line: 10 minutes, 04 seconds

Walkers’ Mall: opened at 9 minutes, 13 seconds

The Mall emptied at 12:23. We estimate that 1400 walkers were present.

Set up chute system: 16 minutes, 10 seconds (6 minutes, 06 seconds)

Wait time for first runner: 6 minutes, 20 seconds

First runner: Ben True, 21 minutes, 30 seconds

First female: Emily Sisson, 24 minutes, 06 seconds

King of the Hill: Tie - Paul Chelimo, Ben True, 21 minutes, 39 seconds

Queen of the Hill: Edna Kiplagat 24 minutes 31 seconds

Last person crossed finish line: 11:58 p.m.

All gates opened: 29 minutes

Attended blood drive: 185 people

Pints of blood collected: 165 pints (total pints: 5987)

Fun Facts- 80th Running - 2016
Fun Facts